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Meet the Ridge Family

Heath Sullivan

"Heath is almost always working behind-the-scenes and on other responsibilities, but can sometimes be found making the staff laugh in store or bringing us food! :) Heath is a Cleveland native who enjoys challenging workouts, water sports, ATV riding, and hiking. He is currently training for a 10 mile obstacle course race."

Tasha Sullivan

"While most often working behind-the-scenes, Tasha can also be found in store daily helping customers and conversing with staff.Tasha grew up in an outdoor-loving family, often hiking and swimming at the Ocoee's Blue Hole as a child. Tasha enjoys hiking, Crossfit, snow skiing, water sports, and equestrian activities. She welcomes you to come chat with her anytime or send an email to tasha@ridgeoutfitters.net!"


"Growing up exploring and appreciating the outdoors, nature became an important part of my life. From rock climbing, to trail running, to fly fishing, I have always found nature to be captivating. Working at Ridge allows me to utilize my passions about the outdoors and Christian faith by connecting with people everyday on a spiritual and fulfilling level- while also equipping them to explore our beautiful Tennessee mountains!"  


"Hey I am Rachel, I just started at Ridge and it is awesome! I love the people and the environment.  If you are looking for an outdoor community with a passion to serve then look no further.  Welcome to the Ridge." 


"I have always felt as though the good Lord has called me to help people seek His kingdom. When I am at Ridge Outfitters, working or hanging out, I feel like I am fulfilling that calling. Ridge fills my heart with greater joy that I love to exude on other people. RO is a huge blessing unto me."

Family owned, Family operated.

Whats on the Ridge?

Hiking Close to Home: for Beginners and Intermediates

Hiking Close to Home: for Beginners and Intermediates

The epicenter for outdoor activity in southeast Tennessee is only a short, twenty-minute drive from Lee University. Chilhowee Mountain begins at the base of Parksville Lake, fed by the Ocoee River. Chilhowee Mountain is home to seven-acre McCamy Lake and multiple hiking trails suitable for any type of hiker. Read about trails on Chilhowee Mountain for both beginners and intermediate hikers.
My Favorite Back-Packing Meals

My Favorite Back-Packing Meals

Everybody has their go to foods when the hit the trail.  I have seen people pack in steaks and gourmet meals fit for kings, but I could never jump ...
One Item I Will Never Hit The Trail Without

One Item I Will Never Hit The Trail Without

I have been on many trails and spent many a night in the woods.  I have used many types of gear and pride myself on always being prepared.  I am also a nut for DIY tips and tricks that you can make out of cheap supplies.  However, I was humbled the other day when a customer came into our Cleveland store.