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Tasha loves anything active: hiking, biking, trail running, crossfit, snow skiing, and camping. More than all of it, she hopes to make a difference in the world through serving people.

Role: Owner & Chief Operations Officer

Hometown: mostly Cleveland, Tennessee, kind of Ocala, Florida, born in Atlanta, Georgia

Favorite Product: Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket


Heath enjoys being active and making memories of adventure with his wife, Tasha. When he isn't in the store, he can be found hiking, camping, or somewhere on the water. His goal in life is to understand culture and become a citizen of the world.

Role: Owner & Chief Financial Officer

Hometown: Cleveland, Tennessee

Favorite Product: Chaco Z/2


"Growing up exploring and appreciating the outdoors, nature became an important part of my life. From rock climbing, to trail running, to fly fishing, I have always found nature to be captivating. Working at Ridge allows me to utilize my passions about the outdoors and Christian faith by connecting with people everyday on a spiritual and fulfilling level- while also equipping them to explore our beautiful Tennessee mountains!"

Role: Regional Manager 

Hometown: Benton, Tennessee

Favorite Product: Mountain Khakis Passport Shirt


"I have always felt as though the good Lord has called me to help people seek His kingdom. When I am at Ridge Outfitters, working or hanging out, I feel like I am fulfilling that calling. Ridge fills my heart with greater joy that I love to exude on other people. RO is a huge blessing unto me."

Role: Sales Associate

Hometown: Tucson, Arizona

Favorite Product: Patagonia Los Gatos Vest


Bandit enjoys hiking, swimming, and sleeping on the job. Despite being born on the RUFF side of town, he thrives under all conditions. Bandit would love to earn your friendship and bring joy to your day! His goal in life is to complete a solo swim across the ocean.

Role: Chief Greeter & Director of Customer Happiness

Hometown: Cleveland, Tennessee

Favorite Product: Suncloud Polarized Optics (because his future is so bright)

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